Ornan’s Threshing Floor ???

Who is Ornan and what is his threshing floor?

Ornan the Jebusite was a Gentile living among the Israelite’s during the times of King David.

Ornan owned a grain processing area called a threshing floor on top of  mount Moriah.

Ornan offered his threshing floor as a gift to King David in thanks to God and the people of God.  IChron.21:23

Ornan’s threshing floor was a place chosen of God for His worship and service.  IChron.21:18

Ornan’s threshing floor became a place of answered prayer and deliverance. IChron.21:28

Ornan’s threshing floor became the center of what was the temple in Jerusalem, and what we today refer to as the dome of the rock. 2Chron.3:1


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