Why Ornan’s Threshing Floor

It seemed to be the perfect fit:

A threshing floor is a grain processing area used to separate Chaft and debris from the precious wheat. At Ornan’s Threshing Floor we intend to separate and process the more practical aspects of Christian life and living with ideas and concepts common to and applicable by all people as an aid to seeing through the many contradictory, extreme and confusing views which bombard us every day.


Ornan was a Gentile who offered a free gift to the people of God. I am a Gentile (among other things) with similar intentions.


Ornan’s Threshing Floor became a place of answered prayer and insight, as is my hope with this blog.


Ornan’s Threshing Floor was to become something larger, from six hundred sheckles and the good will of both Jew and Gentile to  the temple mount and the dome of the rock.




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